If you made the effort to get to this page on your own accord, you have already taken the first step to becoming    a Mason and starting what could be a fascinating life-long    journey in the most ancient Brotherhood in history, and you are in the right place.The journey starts here! By clicking on the contact link below and sending us your email letting us know of your intention to join or explore the possibility of doing so, is equivalent to knocking on our door on your free will - a key requirement in Freemasonry.

You will be entered into our visitor and candidate mailing list, and will be advised by email about our upcoming activities. We will never sell, share or use your email for any other purpose. On The Square!

Our regular meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm at our Lodge located at the address found in the CONTACT page of this website. You will be greeted at the door, introduced to the members and visitors present and will be welcome to share our dinner (voluntary). Though you may not be able to take part in all the activities of the evening until you become a Master Mason, your presence is your and our best opportunity to get to know each other.

You will be also advised by email about talks on Introduction to Freemasonry and what it means to be one. These talks are held a number of times a year and are a good source of information on what to expect as well as to answer any question you may have. These talks are open to all, including your friends, family and companions.

Once we are familiar with each other, and only when you feel you are ready to proceed with your experience in Freemasonry and our Lodge, you may fill out a petition, and follow the course of acceptance into our Lodge. There is no specific time frame for you to accomplish any of the steps in Freemasonry, including your petition, nor will there ever be any pressure applied on you to do so.

So, if you are still interested and willing to proceed, just click the button below.... to start an amazing journey to last your lifetime.